The Performing Arts & Counseling Center (MTVH House) will comprise of the following program areas:

Performing Arts

In this division youth will participate in theater workshops, vocal training, dance classes and studio performances.

• Youth will use music, dance, mime and improvisational drama techniques to portray real life situations they encounter daily.
• Youth will attend special performances on and off Broadway for observational learning purposes.
• Vocal training will introduce breathing techniques, voice & diction and ear training.
• Dance classes and studio performances will prepare youth for professional artistic experiences
• Youth will develop a greater understanding and appreciation for the arts in our communities.

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After School, Tutoring & Education

Program participants will receive after school tutoring in Math, English, Science and Language Arts. We will set up a relationship with the community school boards and the NYC Department of Education in order to develop strong funding sources, and a realistic process of program evaluation.

• Volunteers and peer tutors will instruct in 30 to 45 minute sessions, depending on subject.
• Serving approximately 75 children ages 8 – 18.
• Homework and school project assistance.
• Alternative learning techniques specifically for children with learning disabilities and anxieties.
• Reading comprehension & writing program Including penmanship & Calligraphy

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Recreation Center

MTVH House will have a special recreation room for youth to relax, enjoy games & other fun activities. During summer months youth will engage in outdoor activities such as: basketball, football, soccer and other sports.

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This program prepares young people to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood through a structured, progressive series of activities and experiences which help them obtain social, emotional, ethical, physical, and cognitive competencies. This program will:

• Help youth to emerge from past and current obstacles, while charting them on a course toward navigating a successful future.
• Provide crisis intervention and family counseling to At–risk youth
• Create opportunities for youth empowerment through peer counseling and other activities
• Provide resources and appropriate referrals for all youth and their families
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Mentorship Program

MTVH House will partner with Small businesses, Corporations and individual professionals, providing young people the opportunity to live a day in the life of the profession of their interest.

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Leadership Training Program

Youth will learn special techniques, to develop and cultivate their leadership abilities and life skills training. Among those will be:

• Problem solving Skills
• Critical thinking
• Stronger coping mechanisms
• Team building exercises
• Social Graces
• Organizational skills
• Effective communication skills
• Vocational Skills
• College prep classes
The Management Store
Money Management - Stress Management - Anger Management
Risk Management - Organizational Management - Time Management

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