Programs - Arts in Worship

The Arts plays a most crucial part of the Worship Experience in most churches:
Musicians, Praise & Worship Teams, Choirs, Dance Ministries, Mime Ministries and more.

But what are the subtle intricacies that not only make them work but work together for a smooth flow of worship?

M.T.V.H. Productions is offering a comprehensive Arts in Worship Program uniquely designed to meet the needs of your church.

We also offer an 8 - 12 week intensive helping to build or re-build your ministry from the ground up!

Worship Team Module

Offers complete teaching for:
- Choirs                  
- Worship Teams                  
- Worship Leaders

These teachings are focused on:
- Vocal Training
- Ear Training
- Songwriting
- Working Together as a Team
- Defining And Understanding both Worship & Praise
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Dance Module

Explores teaching techniques such as:
- Ballet
- Modern
- Jazz
- African Dance
- Key Principles of Praise & Worship
- Choreography & Song Selection
- Attire
- Body Conditioning
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Mime Module

- Standard Positions and Movements
- Body Isolations & Flexibility
- Scene Management
- Make-Up & Application
- Choreography
- Art of Expression
- Uniforms
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